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Want to submit a company listing? Register your company here. North American Deflashing Vendors USA- Northeast Cryogenic Deflashing –Nitrofreeze Cryogenic Solutions (Worcester, MA)   Thermal Energy Deflashing   Blast Deflashing –Precision Finishing Services (Windsor, CT)   Magnetic Abrasive Deflashing   Ultrasonic Vibration Deflashing –Precision Finishing Services (Windsor, CT) –Cleaning Deburring Finishing, Inc. … Continue reading

Process spotlight – Cryogenic deflashing

Additional insight provided by Jordan Anderson of Nitrofreeze in Worcester, MA. Nitrofreeze offers both cryogenic and dry ice deflashing and deburring services. Process: Automated and programmable batch process utilizing cryogenic temperatures, basket tumbling, and non-abrasive media. The cryogenic-grade polycarbonate media varies in size from a 0.004″ blend to 0.060. Batch capacity: Batch processing … Continue reading